The Coffee Cart and Caravan

The Mojo Coffee Cart or Caravan is a great must have at any event! Both are compact and have a sleek, functional design. They are both fully contained units and provide Mojo’s favourite blends of coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

The Cart power plug is a 32 amp, single phase 3 pin PDL s6pa332. The Cart only draws one phase but requires at least 20 amps. Please note that this is a very specific power requirement and will need to be confirmed with the venue prior to the event.

The full cart size is 3799mm L, 2245mm H and 2257mm W. We require space of around another 800mm behind the cart for service space. Due to the size and weight of the cart, we normally need to liaise with the venue prior to the event to ensure smooth delivery.

Please note that the rental fee does not include travel and set up time if the event is outside of the Wellington CBD area, nor any special power requirements needed on site.

For rental cost and any questions for either the Cart or Caravan, please contact Mojo HQ