Our Approach

Our approach to coffee is born out of an obsession with the journey of our coffee from crop to cup.

Like wine, coffee is an agricultural product that differs significantly from region to region and crop to crop. Fantastic coffee requires true patience and skill. Our roasters small batch roast and blend new origins, doing it over and over again in order to find the very best balance of aroma, flavour, acidity and body.

In our Wellington roastery our Master Roaster batch-roasts daily in a traditional cast-iron drum Probat roaster before our fresh beans are packaged and distributed to cafes, restaurants, offices and homes across Australasia.

Sourcing The Best

Whether it’s catching up with an old friend, taking a break with a co-worker or meeting a new client, drinking coffee is all about relationships. We believe that in order to make that perfect coffee, relationships need to start much further back than at the counter.

Sourcing the very best green beans is something that takes time. Over the years we’ve developed lasting relationships with the people that grow and produce our coffee, resulting in some of the highest quality coffee beans available. Our producers take pride in their work – and not just for the end product, but also in the way they manage their farms and contribute positively to their families and communities.

We purchase ethically, at fair prices and quantities which the farmer is happy with, while balancing a fair ‘end cup’ price. Our team regularly travels to origin to meet the farmers and producers, sample the latest crops, and ensure social standards are being met.

The Mojo roastery in Shed 13, Wellington

Freshly roasted coffee at Shed 13

Mojo Blends

  • drmojo
  • feelgood
  • injection

Single Origins

  • brazil
  • columbian
  • ethiopian
  • guatemalan
  • papuanewguinea
  • peru
  • tanzanian